Westport Sunken Boat Recovery

Westport Sunken Boat Recovery

Westport Sunken Boat Recovery

Did your boat Sink? At Lake Response on Lake Norman, sunken boat recovery is what we do. Each year we recover many boats from Westport that have sank. We always have people ask "what should I have done to prevent my boat from sinking?" or "how do I keep this from happening to my boat?" Below we have provided some helpful tips on how to prevent your boat from sinking. We have also included information on choosing the best insurance that will keep you covered if something does go wrong with your vessel.

First of all boats do not sink for no reason; however, they will sink if you think you do not have to check on them very often. Boats rarely sink due to accidents or unexpected holes in the fiberglass construction. They do however have multiple holes in them for some necessary water to travel through the hull of the boat. These holes include, but are not limited to, raw water cooling system for the engine, water cooled exhaust and holes for the drive shaft and shifting rod to travel through. Bigger boats get even more complex with generator cooling systems, air conditioning and raw water wash downs. Fishing boats are also at risk with live wells and wash downs. Pontoon boats are less likely to sink without some sort of help, however a good bump of the dock or hitting a rock on the bottom of the lake will sink your pontoon fast because there is not a bilge pump to help keep the water out.

Insurance Tips:

Read your policy! Make sure you know the difference between agreed value and actual cash value policies. Click here for more information. Make certain the salvage, wreck removal and recovery is covered separately on your policy. If you do not have coverage for the recovery and removal of your boat it will be up to you to pay for this service.

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